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Beaucon Shimmer Grey Review

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Shimmer Grey by Beaucon 14 mm

**Color 10/10 - Love these lenses with all my heart! \o/ They are exactly what i was expecting! I know that my video review was not that good, beacuse of my bathroom light you can see how cool is the color. But i will show some pics! They really are light blue with some green tones. Also, they look good on dark eyes. The colour is  more bright and noticeable with day light and flash of cameras.
**Comfort 10/10 - These lenses are very comfortable <3 
**Enlargement 7/10 - After using my Extra Dali, when i use 14mm i think they are small. But for sure this is a good 14mm because my beacon pink jewel look smaller than this one.
**Overall 9/10 - Gorgeous ! im in love! Very natural! everybody asks and talk about my eye-color when i'm with it! XD
I probably will use this one with my next costume! I will do a photoshoot with a friend dress like Cherie Currie (Cherry Bomb :P) from The Runaways - movie about the band- *_* 
Me trying to be Cherry S2
well, thats it! hope you like it! :DDDD kisses Plu

terça-feira, 7 de setembro de 2010

BT02 Sky Blue Lens Review

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Yei! sorry my delay guys! i know that this blog is not popular, but anyway, some people see it, so i have to upload more things here! =D i have some good news! i appeared in an awesome magazine here in Brazil, called VEJA \o/ All because Brazilians sites talk a lot about my other blog (Portuguese one) \o/ i am soooo happy! It means a lot to me! Be recognize for working with circle lens here in my country! *_* 
Magazine Scans:

Now, let´s start the review of my newest lenses : BT02 sky blue (G&G)
i bought this at PinkyParadise.com

<3comfort: 8/10 at first, it feels a little weird maybe because my eyes that week were not normal (i put a lot of make up in my cosplay photoshoot = ? i think) well.. after few minutes it became VERY comfy :D
<3enlargement: 8/10 it’s NOT bigger than my nudy brown in terms of diameter but doesn't look the same because it still can make me look dollier ^_^v
<3design: 8/10  I really like it but when i worn but the color is noticeable only with some light (the camera flash or daylight). In Low light places It’s like wearing a dark blue circle lens. 
<3overall: 7.5/10 Unfortunatelly I can only see the color if I’m going to take pictures, it’s kinda freaky =D. But no problem, it can be worn anywhere cause it's pretty anyway.

Oh! i have to tell you guys, I am in love with this one here, but i really don't know what brand it is.Can you help me to discover? :
I need them! OMG *_* Candy doll?? MAYBE?
but i'm still waiting for 2 circle lenses to arrived: king size blue and Gossip Brown XD getting excited!!
kisses =)

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Lens Reviews Angel Brown & Nudy Brown

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I'm doing this post because i was checking on the internet that a lot of girls asks about circle lens in color Brown. So i decide that i should show all my brown lenses for you guys. But will be necessary more than one post for this. By the way, yesterday i bought at JapaneseCandy another hazel one (Gossip Brown), and i hope until the next month arrives here. Meanwhile i'll show this two: Angel Brown and Nudy Brown.

Geo Angel Brown
Manufactured by Geo Medical
Online Store:  SecretEyes

Comfort - 9/10
Color - 8/10
Enlargement - 8/10

One of the most natural lens with lower price. This one nowadays are costing U$ 20. Without Flash, these lens look dark brown (for black/brown eyes is perfect), in natural light sometimes have a hazel/honey look.


Geo Nudy Brown
Manufactured by Geo Medical
Online Store: SecretEyes

Amane Misa Cosplay - Photos by Deathy

Comfort - 10/10
Color - 9/10
Enlargement - 9/10

The most popular lens ever.The cosplayer Kipi from Japan was one of the first celebrities to descover this lenses. She uses daily in her job and in her cosplays. This lens gives you the halo effect. Evertbody loves Nudy Series.Today this lenses have a large type, the Big Nudy or Wonder Eyes Series (from other brand but the same design), both with 14.8 mm. It´s Huge!^.^" The normal size costs U$ 20 and the large size cost U$25...35 depends of the store.By the way, i can´t live without this ones. I love the pattern and color so much.Sometimes is a little bit green and hazel, sometimes yellow. So beautiful! But it´s not too natural...

That´s it!
kisses Plu =)

terça-feira, 6 de julho de 2010

Violet Circle Lens and MakeUp Kit

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Purple is my favorite color, i don't know why i only have one purple pair.. ok..i know..it's because i am poor! ^_^"whatever! I am happy with this one! Kira Kira is so cool! I know that a lot of people hate it because they like more vibrant color, but i really like it! 
Photos with flash shows a lot how they are pretty! Another positive is that these are so comfortable, I nearly forgot I was wearing them *_* very good! I want more 2 violet/purple lenses: Dolly Eye and EOS E-201 that i saw recently at Make-Up Piggy  just LOVE IT! XD
I took some photos this morning just to show you guys again this lenses and the comparison with and without the pair:

Well, nowadays i'm really being addicted to lipsticks!*_* A client (from my job) gave to me 2 Victoria's secret lip glosses! OMG! sooo happy! Because here in Brazil the taxes are outrageous! He lives in Houston, so he can buy with no problem. It´s not that expensive there. I bought at Ebay 2 NYX glosses.I had never tried this brand. But i really like them, very beautiful colors!

Their packaging are really nice! the color are just like the bottles. But i prefer NYX in one point: comes with a spatula which I can control better to put the product on the lips that way you can apply thick or thin ^^V its perfect! With the Beauty Rush ones you literally mess up XD but i have to say that in terms of quality Victoria Secrets is waaaay better! Love the smell, taste good and last more! Another problem is that is thick in consistency^^
I really like both..when i am willing to kiss someone, Beauty Rush is the one! But if want to do a nice photoshoot, the vibrante color of NYX will do the job ♥ LOL

I bought my first Eyeko Product too! \o/ Fast shipping to Brazil! I really like the Costumer Service. They respond all your doubts! *_* I will buy more products soon! I'm in love with the nails polishers! XD this is a kit that i did just to post here. Cute Pink Make-up kit! I will do more reviews soon XD This make-up shadows were R$12,00 (USD 6), Eyeko Cream R$23.00 (USD 11) and the FAT BALM was free gift \o/ 

See ya!
Kisses Plu

terça-feira, 18 de maio de 2010

Circle lens and Cosplays

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Hi! Well, everybody asks me what circle lenses i use in my cosplays. Today i have the idea to write down all of it. Hope that helps XD One year ago, i descovered these lenses and after that i can´t stop using them. Circle lens are very confortable and they enlarge your eyes giving the dolly look! *_*

* My TOP 3 favs Lens * 

1. Geo Nudy Brown by Geo Medical [ cosplays: Yuuki Cross and Yoko Littner ]


2.CPA2 Animation Lens Blue by Geo Medical [ cosplays: Asuka Langley , Alcyon and Maya Natsume ]

3.SF20 Carnival lens by Geo Medical [ cosplays: Hikaru and Ranka Lee ]


In this post im just listing my favs of 2009. Now i have more circle lens so i will do another post like this in June, showing my new costumes and more lens. Thanks for reading! Hope you like it!

All Rights (C) http://www.plumooncosplay.com 

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Extra Dali Brown Review

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Comfort: 9/10
My eyes are normally dry so thats why is more difficult to not feel the lenses. I think my most confortable are bescon/geo.I would say that these are pretty comfortable too. in general circle lenses are the best in this area! XD

Design and color: 8/10
I really like the design! I like the dark brown circle around it. It gives a more defined look.The color isn't as light as I as thought it would be, but I like this color anyways. It's slightly lighter than my dark brown eyes.

Enlargment 10/10:
They look really good ! The lenses are 14.2 mm large, which means that they are not as big as my kira kira lenses.But i dont know in my first impression the look like 14.5mm but when i checked with my other 2 lenses and theyre really 14.2. If you really want huge and natural eyes these are the lenses for you.

I bought this at honeycolor.com they are great, and the Shipping was fast. (normally for Brazil took 25 days in normal registered mail)

Overall : 9 ^_^v

As I said in the video, i really like them. but i still wants lens that are more light brown and that stays natural! XD this are pretty close but not what i really want..i will still looking..maybe bt02 brown or honey wing...or shimmer brown...dont know! XD

More Photos:

Plu S2

sexta-feira, 26 de março de 2010


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Beaucon Pink Jewels (14 mm) @ Charlene's Shop

Enlargment 6/10 : Size is a big issue for me because the reason that i use circle lens is for Enlargment only.
Beacon Pink doesnt enlarge at all...
I have to confess that i just bougth it because i saw Tsubasa Masuwaka** using it on a comercial, was love at first sight! After buying, i still likes, but close they´re a little bit freaky but with the right make-up they will be gorgeous!

** is a Japanese model, Gyaru/himegyaru icon & J-Pop singer.

Design 8/10: Like i said before, i really love them! But it´s not a normal color and design. The color doenst graduates into the center, that is not so good...but i kinda love the black outer circle *_* it´s more thicker than my Angel Brown (GEO) - that was the first thing that called my attencion when i saw it - . Sometimes Beaucon Jewels Pink became bege with normal light, but in photos they´re vibrant light pink indeed!

Comfort 10/10 : very very confortable! I wear them all day without any problem. XD I can hardly feel that the lenses are on! \o/ yei!

Overall 8 /10: I really like these lens. They are a litlle bit artificial..they dont give you a natural look, but whatever...when i bought it i was not thinking about that, i ll use them at photoshoots and cosplays for sure! ^_^v

I bought it at Charlene's Shop ! She is soooo sweet and very responsable! Sometimes she gives contact lens cases and sometimes free shipping! *__* Check her blog for more information! =D 

Kisses S2

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Kira Kira Sherbet Violet Lens Review [KoreaBigEyes]

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Comfort - 9/10
It's way more comfortable that my Geo and my Dolly Eye Green. I used it for 3 straight hours and didn't had to use eye drops. Because of her size it should irritate the eye, but that's not the case.

Enlargment - 11/10
I'm giving 11 because these lens are HUGE, I felt like an alien! Even if I opened as much as I could the lens covered everything. XD I don't have any complaints here, it gave the Dolly Eye effect. And the 14.5mm now it's my number.

Design - 7/10
The design looks like the BT-02 but not that vibrant, the violet tone is very pretty but the lens really come to life when you take a picture with flash. For me even without being so vibrant it was an excellent acquisition.

Overall - 9/10
It's on my Top 3, if her color was a little stronger it would be the perfect lens. I still don't know the Candy Magic line-up but maybe when I've one of this brand it'll take the KiraKira place, let's see it in a few months.

Photos : Kira Kira Sherbet Messiah Violet (14.5 mm Circle Lens)


I bought these cirle lenses at KoreaBigEyes. They are very reliable. I like it! The only thing that i don't like is communication with the client... sometimes they answer, sometimes they don't...very confuse. But at least they are honest and the products are original and shipping fast. XD

Kisses Plu Moon ♥

terça-feira, 23 de março de 2010

CK-107 Circle Lens Review (Secreteyes.org)

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Ck 107 Geo Medical (14.00mm) @ Secreteyes.org
Comfort - 9/10
These lenses are just like my other geo lenses. They're pretty comfortable! I think that my EOS and beacon are more comfortable but for me they're OK because I use them a lot and nothing happened. XD

Enlargement - 8/10
They're big but not huge.. and I love them! I'm  getting used to seeing myself with dolly and big eyes. But I have to confess that after using my KiraKira Sherbet Violet (14.5mm) I don't thing that this lens enlarge that much.  My next target would be the Wonder Eyes...almost 15mm OMFG!

Design - 8/10
Without flash and extreme flash, they look the same. Only when I use macro the design appears! The only problem is that the black ring is too thick , I don't like it, but no one notice , only if the person is very close to you.  But they're black lens after all and I bought it for the dolly effect, not the design...so..its ok!

Overall - 8.5/10
I just wish that they were bigger, and more natural. But I like them a lot XD

By the way I bought these lens at the Secreteyes.org and they are very responsible and the lens took about 20 days to arrive. But I don't know the estimate time in another countries but I recommend!

Kisses Plu Moon ♥
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