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Lens Reviews Angel Brown & Nudy Brown

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I'm doing this post because i was checking on the internet that a lot of girls asks about circle lens in color Brown. So i decide that i should show all my brown lenses for you guys. But will be necessary more than one post for this. By the way, yesterday i bought at JapaneseCandy another hazel one (Gossip Brown), and i hope until the next month arrives here. Meanwhile i'll show this two: Angel Brown and Nudy Brown.

Geo Angel Brown
Manufactured by Geo Medical
Online Store:  SecretEyes

Comfort - 9/10
Color - 8/10
Enlargement - 8/10

One of the most natural lens with lower price. This one nowadays are costing U$ 20. Without Flash, these lens look dark brown (for black/brown eyes is perfect), in natural light sometimes have a hazel/honey look.


Geo Nudy Brown
Manufactured by Geo Medical
Online Store: SecretEyes

Amane Misa Cosplay - Photos by Deathy

Comfort - 10/10
Color - 9/10
Enlargement - 9/10

The most popular lens ever.The cosplayer Kipi from Japan was one of the first celebrities to descover this lenses. She uses daily in her job and in her cosplays. This lens gives you the halo effect. Evertbody loves Nudy Series.Today this lenses have a large type, the Big Nudy or Wonder Eyes Series (from other brand but the same design), both with 14.8 mm. It´s Huge!^.^" The normal size costs U$ 20 and the large size cost U$25...35 depends of the store.By the way, i can´t live without this ones. I love the pattern and color so much.Sometimes is a little bit green and hazel, sometimes yellow. So beautiful! But it´s not too natural...

That´s it!
kisses Plu =)

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Nina Hime on 21 de julho de 2010 18:59 disse...


aaa muuuuuito obrigada pelo comentário!!

confesso que tb ameeeei seu blog!!! vou visitar com frequencia!!
pode roubar quantos emoticons quiser viu!!

すばらしい on 6 de agosto de 2010 17:37 disse...

Great review!

kisses and good luck with the new blog!


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