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BT02 Sky Blue Lens Review

Postado por Mary Plu às 11:14
Yei! sorry my delay guys! i know that this blog is not popular, but anyway, some people see it, so i have to upload more things here! =D i have some good news! i appeared in an awesome magazine here in Brazil, called VEJA \o/ All because Brazilians sites talk a lot about my other blog (Portuguese one) \o/ i am soooo happy! It means a lot to me! Be recognize for working with circle lens here in my country! *_* 
Magazine Scans:

Now, let´s start the review of my newest lenses : BT02 sky blue (G&G)
i bought this at PinkyParadise.com

<3comfort: 8/10 at first, it feels a little weird maybe because my eyes that week were not normal (i put a lot of make up in my cosplay photoshoot = ? i think) well.. after few minutes it became VERY comfy :D
<3enlargement: 8/10 it’s NOT bigger than my nudy brown in terms of diameter but doesn't look the same because it still can make me look dollier ^_^v
<3design: 8/10  I really like it but when i worn but the color is noticeable only with some light (the camera flash or daylight). In Low light places It’s like wearing a dark blue circle lens. 
<3overall: 7.5/10 Unfortunatelly I can only see the color if I’m going to take pictures, it’s kinda freaky =D. But no problem, it can be worn anywhere cause it's pretty anyway.

Oh! i have to tell you guys, I am in love with this one here, but i really don't know what brand it is.Can you help me to discover? :
I need them! OMG *_* Candy doll?? MAYBE?
but i'm still waiting for 2 circle lenses to arrived: king size blue and Gossip Brown XD getting excited!!
kisses =)

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Deathy on 7 de setembro de 2010 11:27 disse...

Ahh! Essa lente é linda, mas realmente parece que sem usar flash ou uma luz muito forte nos olhos ela não se destaca tanto. Mas deve ser boa pra poder sair na rua e ninguém ficar encarando seus olhos e querendo saber se é lente ou não. XDDD

E parabéns por ter saido na VEJA -ainda quero autógrafo heim- o reconhecimento é mais do que correto. YEI!!

Posta mais posta mais! Não abandone seu english blog. \o

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