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Beaucon Shimmer Grey Review

Postado por Mary Plu às 01:30

Shimmer Grey by Beaucon 14 mm

**Color 10/10 - Love these lenses with all my heart! \o/ They are exactly what i was expecting! I know that my video review was not that good, beacuse of my bathroom light you can see how cool is the color. But i will show some pics! They really are light blue with some green tones. Also, they look good on dark eyes. The colour is  more bright and noticeable with day light and flash of cameras.
**Comfort 10/10 - These lenses are very comfortable <3 
**Enlargement 7/10 - After using my Extra Dali, when i use 14mm i think they are small. But for sure this is a good 14mm because my beacon pink jewel look smaller than this one.
**Overall 9/10 - Gorgeous ! im in love! Very natural! everybody asks and talk about my eye-color when i'm with it! XD
I probably will use this one with my next costume! I will do a photoshoot with a friend dress like Cherie Currie (Cherry Bomb :P) from The Runaways - movie about the band- *_* 
Me trying to be Cherry S2
well, thats it! hope you like it! :DDDD kisses Plu

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Deathy on 22 de setembro de 2010 19:31 disse...

Lovely lovely lovely. the color is so beautiful! But too bad the enlargement isn't that nice, but i guess it's because you're used to the lenses that enlarge a lot! XD

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