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Extra Dali Brown Review

Postado por Mary Plu às 12:53

Comfort: 9/10
My eyes are normally dry so thats why is more difficult to not feel the lenses. I think my most confortable are bescon/geo.I would say that these are pretty comfortable too. in general circle lenses are the best in this area! XD

Design and color: 8/10
I really like the design! I like the dark brown circle around it. It gives a more defined look.The color isn't as light as I as thought it would be, but I like this color anyways. It's slightly lighter than my dark brown eyes.

Enlargment 10/10:
They look really good ! The lenses are 14.2 mm large, which means that they are not as big as my kira kira lenses.But i dont know in my first impression the look like 14.5mm but when i checked with my other 2 lenses and theyre really 14.2. If you really want huge and natural eyes these are the lenses for you.

I bought this at honeycolor.com they are great, and the Shipping was fast. (normally for Brazil took 25 days in normal registered mail)

Overall : 9 ^_^v

As I said in the video, i really like them. but i still wants lens that are more light brown and that stays natural! XD this are pretty close but not what i really want..i will still looking..maybe bt02 brown or honey wing...or shimmer brown...dont know! XD

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Plu S2

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すばらしい on 8 de maio de 2010 00:45 disse...

Pretty as always dear Mary

\o I Wish You The Best! o/

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