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CK-107 Circle Lens Review (Secreteyes.org)

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Ck 107 Geo Medical (14.00mm) @ Secreteyes.org
Comfort - 9/10
These lenses are just like my other geo lenses. They're pretty comfortable! I think that my EOS and beacon are more comfortable but for me they're OK because I use them a lot and nothing happened. XD

Enlargement - 8/10
They're big but not huge.. and I love them! I'm  getting used to seeing myself with dolly and big eyes. But I have to confess that after using my KiraKira Sherbet Violet (14.5mm) I don't thing that this lens enlarge that much.  My next target would be the Wonder Eyes...almost 15mm OMFG!

Design - 8/10
Without flash and extreme flash, they look the same. Only when I use macro the design appears! The only problem is that the black ring is too thick , I don't like it, but no one notice , only if the person is very close to you.  But they're black lens after all and I bought it for the dolly effect, not the design...so..its ok!

Overall - 8.5/10
I just wish that they were bigger, and more natural. But I like them a lot XD

By the way I bought these lens at the Secreteyes.org and they are very responsible and the lens took about 20 days to arrive. But I don't know the estimate time in another countries but I recommend!

Kisses Plu Moon ♥

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Deathy on 23 de março de 2010 23:27 disse...

Well, I would like to say that I hope and wish this blog grows a lot. I know how much you wanted it to come true and I'm glad to see that it is finally "alive". XD

The reviews are great, especially because people who don't know much about contact lens (hello me!) can actually learn a thing or two.

I wanna see lots and lots of reviews in the future! And best of luck on your new blog! o/

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