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Tsubasa Dolly Wink Eyeliner Review

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I finally have a product line of Tsubasa Masuwaka. All products are pink with purple polka dots. And the beautiful packaging! Neither makes you want to open the package! * _ * Kawaii! I waited a long time until you find this eyeliner with a good price. Usually the shipping to Brazil is very expensive! Last month I found a seller who thought Ebay.com reliable and decided to buy him. 

Price: U.S. $ 13.99 + $ 4.99 shipping
Seller: Ianhaze (Ebay)
Store Link:   http://stores.ebay.com/Japanese-Products-Lover?_trksid=p4340.l2563

The color of Dolly Wink eyeliner is pretty remarkable. The black pigment takes longer to fade. The applicator is easy to use because it looks like a pen! I was surprised with the ease of draw and fill lines. It is the mark that I outlined with more precision than ever seen.

I remember I used the brand Contém 1g (Brazilian) and NYX which were of similar design, but without doubt, the best is the Koji.

You must remember that in most of my outfits I wear eyeliner AVON. I love to wear pearl eye shadows and finally, I outline the eye and strong and black! How do I use a good amount of product, I realized that the formula for Dolly Wink does not irritate my eyes. While the other always burn. Until i found this one, AVON,  was my favorite. ¬ ¬v

I really liked because the product stands up well to water and when i scratched my eyes, did not make a mess. I made ​​a drawing in my hand with the eyeliner, and rubbed and never left! OMG! Of course it near the waterline of the eye, only Eyeliners in Gel formula can resist.

1 - I threw water on my face / 2 - I washed my face again! 3 - I used soap and rubbed!
After three steps, the makeup was still showing.

For sure I will buy other times! Possible to try other brand products Koji Dolly Wink.I'm dying to buy false eyelashes from Tsubasa. I also want to try the mascara too!

That's it! D = A Review super fast! I was excited to show the photos to you!
I loved it! Tsubasa is the seal of quality!

Big Kisses for all gals ^ _ ^ v


[ Translating to English - From my personal blog Plumoon.blogspot.com - so this is MY Review XD ]

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♥ Noxin ♥ on 20 de maio de 2011 18:29 disse...

OMG-- this liner looks AMAZING. I really like that it stands up to water well. (Most liquid eyeliners I try melt off easily.)

Thanks for all the makeup reviews you're doing~ <3

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