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Etude House Precious BB and Code B Eyeliner

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Hello People! ^ _ ^ V
This is my new Beauty Review! This time the beautiful Korean Makeup: Etude House * _ * No! I did not buy one ... is that they came to me two samples with the Etude Cream Eyeliner Code: B that i bought with the seller RubyRubyShop of Ebay.com

This week I tested both products from Etude House. I confess I was surprised at the super modern and beautiful packaging product line in general. And even more surprised because I received free samples ! I'm sure the seller did it on purpose! I can not stop thinking about when my big tube of Pearl Shinning Mineral BB cream SPF30 # 01 , will arrive! Yes! I begged my mom to lend me the card for me to ask one! * _ * Because I can not stand it! Yes dear readers ... this product left me addicted to Etude Products AUAUHUHAUHAUHAUHA

 X.X ok! ....returning to the post: I had never tried the products of Etude House. i just thought they were cute, but that they didnt work. But now I know that I was totally wrong! lol

[REVIEW - Precious Mineral BBCream # 01 Sheer Silky Skin]

There are three types of BB line of Precious Minerals:

# 01 Sheer Silky Skin
# 02 Sheer Glowing Skin
# 03 Sheer Flawless Skin

The benefits offered are:
* Full Coverage
* Anti-wrinkle. (Adenosine)
* Lightens Spots (Arbutin)
* SPF 30 +
I have nothing bad to say about this BB Cream. Ok. If I think a bad thing: the tone is very light to my skin. But i do not bother because I can always pass a darker blush or a loose powder. The important thing is that the day I experienced my skin was HORRIBLE! I refuse to show my face before and after [TT Sorry Girls!] But I give my word that the photos do not have photoshop and I became pretty after using this BB Cream!  lol

It covered my redness, pores, dark circles .... ok that however, can not cover pimples too high. But that's asking a miracle! > _  No need to apply powder, if only in the case of color change, for it is THE FIRST BB CREAM TO DROUGHT IN TIME, AND LEAVES THE SKIN WITH MATT APPEARANCE ! But it's BB number # 01 Sheer Silky Skin. The other two do not know how they work .. not tested. But # 02 is definitely more oily!

[REVIEW - Code: B Srong Eyes Cream Gel Eyeliner # 01]

I really LOVE this eyeliner!  This Cream eyeliner is much better than the MAC fluidline (I experienced at the MAC store because I'm poor lol)!   I have not tested so many eyeliners, but between MAC, Stila, Avon, Natura, and Koji Etude, I think this is the best!   I slept one day, inadvertently, with this eyeliner and was still there when I woke up!   I think this avoids smudges.   It hasnt stained my face like others products especially when I scratch my eyes! My previous review of the brand KOJI Dolly Wink, I had found the product excellent in all respects, but the durability was still compromised when I scratched the eye, and especially when I was already tearing up. The combination of water + rubbing, did not hold the product . But .. uhuuuuuuuu ~ ~ ~ to the end of the day, the C @ B Strong Eyes Cream Gel Liner # 01 was as dark as when it was first applied. I'm shocked!

Negative point: The only thing I dislike about this product is that it dries much faster. If you missed .. screwed! Only with makeup remover! Luckily, I'm good designer, so my stroke is relatively steady. With time of use, I acquired more skill in handling the small brush that came from. Speaking of which: The brush that comes with it is a nice touch, but I would not say it is the best. But I still have no money to buy MAC 231 brush. It comes as a keychain, is a good idea for when I'm traveling and do not want to bring a lot of stuff with me! XD

Overall, I recommend everyone to try it! It's much cheaper than many brands! EBay bought it for about $ 12 including shipping. \ O / 
I took the two products and put lipstick and blush pink, and I got the make-up that Dara (2NE1 Korean singer of the group and current poster girl of the mark) usually uses in commercial ETUDE! ^ _ ^

btw: look at these beautiful pictures I found on the Internet, Dara and CL * _ * Makeup divine, inspired by the new GOLD collection of Etude House! Woe to Divas!

Kisses Plu
[ Translating to English - From my personal blog Plumoon.blogspot.com - so this is MY Review XD ]

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