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GEO Bella Blue Lens Review

Postado por Mary Plu às 08:53
Hello everyone!!! Long time no see! (^ε^)~
I bought this lenses at !

They're very reliable Store! 100% approved! Even i didn't like the color, was not their faults! lol Because when i bought it was no good photo showing how it really goes with dark eyes!

Being honest here: In indoor lighting my eyes are noticeably darker and bigger, but the blue does not show very well on my medium brown eyes. It's much easier to see the blue in sunlight, or in bright lights. Well maybe if the person have hazel/green/blue eyes it will suit better! \o/

When is about the comfort, Geo Medical is ALWAYS comfortable! So about that i was never worried! XD
Some info about these GEO Bella Blue lenses:

Diameter: 14.0mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 year

The funny thing is that i saw at some girls blog that the Bella Blue in XTRA Size really shows the color! ok..very confused! (?) But i dont know if i will bought to try out....maybe....
I have to say that after this video i changed my mind a little bit. Because i really like the effect that this lenses give to my eyes more than the Ck-107. So im wearing this ones as a black lens.
Enlargement Photo:

But the good thing is that on photos your eyes do not look so creep , cause its not a black thick ring around your natural color XD But i like and wear Ck-107 too, its 2 different looks i think =)

That's it! Byeeeee ~~~
Big Kisses , PluMoon

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♥ Noxin ♥ on 17 de maio de 2011 00:33 disse...

Ouch- yes, the Geo Bella series is quite dark. D: I'm so sorry you bought these without knowing that. <3

Still, as with any lens, you make them look great. ;] I'd maybe try looking for lighter blue lenses from other brands: the majority of Geo's lens colours are dark, unfortunately. :/ The Nudy, Berry Holic, Nature/Tricolor, and Twins series are the only exceptions, essentially. >.>'

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