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All About Gyaru!

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How I met? 
S ince the last year I started reading the blog of three cute girls who enjoy a lot gyarus: 
I have been seeing these blogs almost every week ! *_* They talk about Japanese fashion several times! They show many tips on how to do the makeup.  I collect a lot of Magazine Scans of Popteen / PopSister ! Always shows different styles and new makeups that makes you look more like the Japanese's models basically. But of course i cant look exactly like them. Because the aesthetic is another.
But, the important thing is you feel good and be wearing the style that you admire. Cause fashion is universal! There are many different types of people! Whatever your body type or ethnicity, you can be a Gyaru too! When I do  cosplay, i constantly use a dolly look and also do "cute" faces in my pictures. Believe or not, some people still comment about me trying to force myself to look like an oriental .... *nonsense!*

Ok! I love Japanese Girls [Korean recently too, but it comes in another post], I love to be inspired by them, but in the end , I'm me! There's no way I become an Japanese! Srly? I'm Brazilian!I proud of my origin! I just like a lot the style of dressing, love the makeup, using those beautiful accessories and put my lenses. So I think that some people consider it weird. But it's a style of life! The same way that some people likes to dress as their favorite artists, girls who enjoy other styles like retro  or pin-up for example. Other people who likes clothes with vivid colors and baggy clothes like rappers ... and so on. = P

Much more than fashion

Talk about judging, for those who do not know, these girls in Japan that choose this different style of dress suffers a great level of prejudice. As much as they are beautiful, and fashion, they opt for a different lifestyle from the eastern standard of beauty and morality.
Japanese women are the more staid ever, imagine suddenly completely change the "normal" standard , leaving college and going to fight for their dreams ! This girls wants to be accepted the way they are.  It's great courage and much love for what they like too. Even with the difficulties they certainly earned their place in society! Last week i saw a documentary on cable tv and I heard these things .I didnt know It had this side of the story... Very brave girls!

I have read a lot about the gyarus. I like to inform that anyone who wishes to add or correct something on this post feel free, since my knowledge is still not as wide as I'd like ¬ ¬ "I confess it took me long to begin to differentiate the different styles. I was more familiar with Lolitas . For those who do not know, I'll put some of them here ...

Types gyarus 

  • Ganguro (ガングロギャル): It has an artificial color tan skin and blonde hair (color). The Ganguro have to different styles in it : Yamanba and Manba.
  • Kogal : Usually a high school student (Kokos高校生).
  • Magician gyaru : Middle School Student. (中学校junior high school).
  • Oyajigyaru (オヤジギャル): Comes from the words and oyaji gyaru. A gal who behaves in a masculine way. usually drinks, smokes and uses profanity. This Gyaru likes UFC! lol
  • Oneegyaru (お姉ギャル): gyaru who just graduated high school, and becomes onee-san (Literally big sister). They are people who dress and behave more maturely.
  • Ogyaru (汚ギャル): I think that is the nastiest of gyarus in terms of hygiene OO 'This does not take many baths gyaru even dressing like a gal.
  • Gyaru (ギャル男): male version of Gyaru, they also like high fashion. This may sound like but it is not a metrosexual.
  • Manba (マンバ): Super tan with  white eye makeup contrasting the dark skin. Panda inverted Look-alike. The hair color is usually platinum and Ultra long. And to complete the look wear clothes and accessories in colorful ultra neon very exaggerated (clubber?)
  • Kigurumin : Uses pajamas, called kigurumi , that resembles animals or cartoon characters! I find super cute.
  • Bibinba (ビビンバ): This gal is very RICH! hahah uses a lot of gold jewelry and things! ROCK!
  • Banba (バンバ): It is a milder form, brighter color manba, although have different styles.The Banba use less white makeup, dress up clothes and much glitter on makeup, and ultra long eyelashes and contact lenses colored.
  • Kyobo bo-i : Basically the Male of Banba Gal. The makeup is similar to the Sit-gai 's, but the eye makeup is done to look larger.
  • Himegyaru (姫ギャル): Girls who dress like princesses. S2 The hair color ranges from blond to black, often long and always curly. Expensives clothes from brands such as Liz Lisa and Jesus Diamante . very RICH! XD 
  • Panba: Similar to Manba, but with no white makeup on the face, the lips' color is now black. They are called like that because they are very similar to  Panba and Manba styles.
  • Gyaru-kei (ギャル系): It's the modern style of Gyaru , very current.   It has many sub-styles, such as Amekaji (Casual American), Saiko (Psyche), bohemian, Rokku (Rock), and Haady.Appears a lot in Egg magazines. Its very extensive, with great mix of concepts, from punk to style prints .
  •  Mori Gyaru: Girl Style Mori (a reference to the forest and country life, with less glamorous and more simplicity) plus Gyaru Tradicional look, with the more modern style, cute and cool.
Now it's easy to understand everything right? It's up to you to choose which of these styles best fits into their way of being. XD Well after my first considerations, is the girls who inspire me and a lot:  

Top 5 Gals [inspiration] and their blogs: 

 Tsubasa Masuwaka 
 Nana Suzuki 
 Kumiko Funayama 


I made this video with my friend Naru, and it was fun to turn her into Gyaru Style.Almost a mini-Tsubasa! rs the makeup is a very simple (easy to reproduce, as the image above), for girls who do not have much experience ^. ^ v At the end you can see how she got kawaii! V * _ * Thank you Naru-chan to serve as model! lol

To complement my post, my friend Hugo showed me this post from DannyChoo What a dream! I wish to live in Japan! *_* And I want to live near this Shopping, Shibuya 109 * _ * I'd be very happy and very poor! hahahah 

Thanks to Danny's site i increase my headache lol there are more types of gyarus!Jesus! And here are new styles that are as interesting as the most popular ones. 
Gyaru Kei I think fits perfectly into my person, as I have no money to invest in exotic clothes, can I use I buy at department stores and mix things with more classic style. A Lady Gaga with a hint of Victoria Beckham.  O.O "(why I try to invent these things ...?? lol ¬ ¬)

To check out more photos: 

Before I finish, I mean, to me, be Gyaru is not afraid to be who you are ... I get upset when I see / read that some girls find themselves on the highest wisdom about gyaru and lolita, and end up criticizing the girls that are starting to enjoy! Aff ¬ ¬ Instead of people help themselves, exchange information , some girls elite it all. I think all are entitled to take an interest in any tribe, any kind of hobby. Be happy, use the clothes that you think best, if you have money to buy in specialist shops: great! If you does not, just use your imagination! Nobody is better than anyone! 

 ALSO AM A gyaru too! \ O / So LUXURY!
i use hair pieces! * EMOTION *

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