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How to Look Like - Gyaru Makeup

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Hello = 3 Yes.. log time no see! guys! I'm full of material to place here on my blog, but I haven't any time to do it ...im working a lot this month! X.X AH!! Good news! I was invited to present a two-day cosplay convention! *Happy!* Well, as promised last month: A makeup tutorial Gyaru! I wanted to make a more "sassy" this time! I liked the result. The important thing is to always use the makeup to your advantage. All of us have a different kind of beauty,right? Not because you do not have Japanese features you will not be well with the makeup Gyaru. You only have to find the right style for you! I see many girls with the use of eyeliner to increasing the shape of the eye [style droopy eyes]. But there are thousands of ways to enlarge your eyes. Whether using the eyeshadow, false eyelashes or liquis eyeliner, you have to first see the shape of your face and the shape of your eyes. you have to try all looks to see what suits you best. =3


1. Droopy eyes: The emphasis here is on highlighting the corner of the eyes and making them seem like they droop down to create a cute soft almost anime look. A basic for most gyaru eye make styles and will make you cute no matter what.When selecting fake eyelashes to compliment this gyaru makeup style you want to select ones that add volume to the corner of the eyes.
The model on the left is using 2mm lashes while on the right its 3mm lashes. Choices for eyeliner here is either some eye shadow under the eyes or leave it out all together.

2. Almond eyes: You will get eyes that resemble that of a cat when you aim for almond eyes type of look that is always fashionable and a little more on the sexy side.
For this type of look, you must start the trace side of the eye near the nose and go to the tip. When applying eyeliner do not forget to make a thicker line to balance with the false eyelashes. Reapare that in both the final eye makeup is the tip of the eyeliner up. Well 50 years. 
3. Circle eyes: The last type of fake eyelashes and is something that has come into vogue recently with the Gyaru crowd. By using the the same type of fake eyelashes on the top and bottom you can create round doll like eyes. Which would work very well with circle lenses.
My Video How to look like a Gyaru \ o / 
I chose a look  more like the model Romihi (Hiromi Hosoi)  Ok .. I hope you enjoy! 

- Shills BB Cream Cherry Blossom (6 in 1)
- NC30 MAC Studio Fix Concealer
- MAC eyeshadows and NYLON CARBON (matte version)
- VOV (chinese brand) BROWN eyeshadow
- Silver Eyeliner (Avon)
- Eyeliner Black (Avon)
- Compact Powder Code B (O Boticario - Brazilian brand)
- Gloss NYX Frosted Plum
- Eyebrown Pencil - Light Brown (Flamingo - Chinese brand)
Glitter-eyecream + (Contains 1G - brazillian brand)
- Eyelashes (Etude House)

I'll say again that I am no expert nor professional makeup artist. I just LOVE makeup and Gyarus! So I think that is enough to always try to share my little knowledge in both areas! o /
I liked it very much! Here is a picture of eyes very closely:

Ah! It's always good to know opinions of those who enjoy the style Gyaru! Constructive criticism is always welcome! \ O / I love watching makeup videos on Youtube to learn more!Every day I look the scans of the Popteen at Ekimura's blog ^ _ ^btw, just Ignore the last seconds of the video where I'm totally self-centered!Not that I am ... but it looks like! hahahahahhaha ~ ~ ~  
 PHOTOS: (My complete look)



bye bye = DDDDD では また. ^ _ ^ v

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Rafael Kaen on 29 de junho de 2011 14:40 disse...

Sua linda ♥

♥ Noxin ♥ on 29 de junho de 2011 22:55 disse...

Wow-- this is a very thorough tutorial. o:

I admire your ability to put on false eyelashes: I cannot do it at all. xD Ah well...

Oh! And I like your hair colour~.

Lina Kim ♥ on 11 de julho de 2011 08:58 disse...

aweee u look like a real gyaru!!! thanks for the tutorial =D~ and I also love how you make the vid. subscribed already on youtube <3

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