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Crystal I Pink Circle Lens Review

Postado por Mary Plu às 11:13
Today I will do another Review! I bought this lens is about 5 months ago. Yes a long time.But as I was completely disheartened to Circle Lens Reviews I left this one to other time. Now, i even have a new lens too! and i didnt upload a review neither!I bought a blue lens that I need to show you guys! She is BEAUTIFUL! Actually Im wearing it with my last cosplay photos! 

Well lets begin: This Crystal I. Pink Series is very disappointing! Especially about the color aspect. It sometimes may seem burgundy, or brown in my eyes. Only with the flash light of the camera, she gets the pink color ... In fact was kind of my fault, cause if i looked for better information, i would have realized that there is another pink lenses with similar names. But that one really makes your eyes become vibrant pink. Im talking about Crystal I.Fairy Pink! This brand is much more vibrant than Dueba. Similar Size and pattern. So it is very easy to confuse.

The only positive things about this purchase were:

Price: Bought for U$ 16! Less than 30 Reais! That is, almost for free. O_O It was having a promotion on the site http://japanesecandy.net/ ! So I think I ended up choosing it so fast ...

Comfort: The Dueba is delicious to wear ! You do not feel the lens! Really comfortable!

Size: I am completely satisfied with her ​​being 14.5mm. To me this is the ideal size of lenses!

Well, it's a good lens to Japanese visual, or even walk down the street. Cause it is quite natural. Sometimes it really seems that is Brown. I went out with it, and nobody noticed. And the color in the pictures was pretty nice ... it cleared my dark eyes = D

That's it, now pictures:
Manufactured by Dueba/ GNG

Photo Flash: these lens looks like Pink here! It is not as vibrant as I would like , but at least shows more the color. 

Photos without flash: Well quite dark, almost can not see the color. Still, no denying that it makes the eyes bigger and with a lighter color instead. One option for very dark eyes, like mine. ^ _ ^ V

About the Web Site that i shop them-  http://japanesecandy.net/ : They are always attentive. Send an email asking if the lens arrived, they pass the tracking number, they are all well organized! Most of my lenses were of this site, because of the variety of brands, and also because of promotions. The only problem is that by having so many galleries there,  some people can get lost lol

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♥ Noxin ♥ on 30 de maio de 2012 21:02 disse...

Ah-- the i.Fairy Super Crystal/Pretty Crystal Pink? Yeah-- they are SO vibrant. <33

I'm so sorry you mixed up the two lenses. D: The Crystal.i series is not very vibrant, unfortunately. :[[

Still, you can really make any lens look good. (Even if you do not like their colour. Haha.)

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