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My New Circle Lens! 

i'M SO HAPPY! I had done this review long time ago, but I could find the video! O_O "Yes, my pc is a mess! Hahaha now after moving some folders, i just found it! \ O / Hallelujah !!! I  just edit it inVideoPad editor . It was not very good... but it was the best that i could do. That day I was with a cold, so I'm a bit slow in time to talk ... lol sorry >.<

BARBIE GOSSIP BROWN  - Dueba 14.5mm 

 Where I bought?
These lenses are so beautiful ! I was so in love with her ​​design. I want to buy the version in Grey color * _ * I bought at ! I love their service. Always updating with the tracking number, and never had problems with delivery. I Usually bought the circle lens that are available  "in stock". So I know that a maximum of 25 days is enough! Circle lens .. It is a little slow to arrive in Brazil, but worth it!
See my Video Review:

 What I think?
These lenses really surprised me. I was very sad because my Geo Nudy Brown had expired. And I wanted a brown lens that had the effect of Geo Nudy Series that depending on the light the color change. The mix colors design are awesome! They put together three colors: brown, yellow and green. These colors blend it so well with the color of my eyes , leaving them much more lighter brown. Cause' the thing that I hate most are lenses that do not stand out in dark eyes. The mini-streaks in the pattern appears to those dolls' glass eyes . LOVED! And the black ring on the edge of the lenses makes it seem even bigger.

The size of them satisfies me. As I said before, those of 14.00mm for me to serve only day-to-day. For general picture (costumes ,...) 14.2mm above ^ _ ^ v

The only thing that upset me at first was that after a few hours with it, began to bother me. Now I think I understand why: After a few weeks using it, I noticed that they dry out a bit. Now I have put some solution drops. Since a while became not to bother me anymore! yei! So happy .* * \ o / It was a shock .. I was scared that they would irritate my eyes, but NO ... They are super comfortable now! thank God!

So I can only give the maximum grade for these lenses: 5 / 5

 Some Photos: (click to see full view) 



That is, I hope you enjoyed the Review! 
=) Plu

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